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The Village


An enriching extension of community

High up on the hillside beneath a lofty canopy of mature trees, sits The Village, one of the most distinctive aspects of the development. Featuring a museum, art gallery, spa, boutiques and fine dining establishments, The Village is a vibrant community loaded with arts, culture, culinary and wellness experiences for the enjoyment of residents, resort guests and visitors alike. A place to imbibe the chill-out atmosphere, to indulge mind and body, while discovering Asia's rich cultural tapestry.

Gourmet restaurants. Cooking school

Dine on gourmet sophistication at a selection of notable restaurants. Uncover amazing local and regional flavours and culinary traditions at the Alila Cooking School.



Spa. Yoga. Organic farming

Indulge in a holistic experience that combines all-natural spa treatments with yoga, meditation and nutritional wellbeing. Exercise your green fingers and love for fresh, wholesome food in the resort's organic farm.

Through the hills. In the sea. On the green

Take your four-wheel drive, sports car or mountain bike for a spin. Trek through forests, laze on the beach, dive into sea.

Museum. Artgallery. Boutiques

Explore the expertly curated showcase of Indonesia's arts and crafts heritage at the museum. Catch exhibitions by local and international fine artists at the living gallery. Shop at boutiques retailing high quality arts and crafts from Indonesia and beyond.