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Building Specifications — Beachfront Residences

  1. Foundation

    Reinforced concrete

  2. Superstructure

    Reinforced concrete and steel

  3. Roof

    Reinforced concrete roof with loose stone topping and timber fascia / reinforced concrete roof with planter and timber fascia / expanded metal mesh with creeper

    Cabana roof
    Reinforced concrete with timber

  4. Floor

    Entrance foyer
    Cementitious tile

    Living & Study room
    Cementitious floor

    Cementitious floor

    Cementitious tile

    Cementitious floor

    Cementitious tile


    Pool Deck
    Timber and stone

  5. Walls

    Timber cladding / glass / stone / tiles / cement plaster with emulsion paint

    Timber / glass / stone cladding / expanded metal mesh with creeper / off-form concrete / cement plaster with emulsion paint

  6. Ceiling

    Ceiling board or ceiling board with skim coat and emulsion paint / off-form concrete / timber

  7. Doors

    Glass with timber cladding steel frame / glass with powder-coated aluminium frame / frameless glass

  8. Windows

    Glass with powder-coated aluminium frames

  9. Boundary Walls

    Rubber with cladding with stone / bamboo or other green fence

  10. Ironmongery

    High quality imported ironmongery

  11. Kitchen

    Stone / terrazzo or equivalent

    Kitchen cabinet
    Timber and concrete

    AEG, De Dietrich, Miele, Bosch or equivalent

    Stainless steel / terrazzo

  12. Sanitaryware

    TOTO or equivalent / custom made basins and bathtubs

  13. Water Heater

    Air to Water Heat Pumps: AVC, Rheem or equivalent

  14. Air Conditioning

    Ducted concealed type, Daikin York or Mitsubishi equivalent

  15. Water Installation

    Polypropylene PN 16, Aquatherm, Fusiontherm or equivalent

    Polypropylene PN 16, Aquatherm, Fusiontherm or equivalent

    UPVC pipes, Snow or equivalent

  16. Electrical Installation

    Single PVC or double PVC insulated wire in PVC high impact conduit

  17. Electrical Outlet

    MK, Clipsal, Berker or equivalent

  18. Aditional Items

    Cable TV
    Coaxial cable RG 7C, RG 59, 2V

    Internet, wireless internet access
    UTP cat 5E, cat 6

    Double polyethylene insulation wire in impact conduit

    Power supply
    380 V / 10,500 A

    Septic Tank
    Central STP System

  19. Furnishing (built-in)



  20. Furnishing (loose)

    Full suite of loose furniture (optional)

Project Team

PT. Bukit Lagoi Villa, Jakarta, Indonesia

Hotel Operator
Alila Hotels & Resorts, Singapore

Master Planning, Architecture & Interior Design
WOHA, Singapore

Civil & Structural Engineer
PT. Atelier Enam Struktur, Jakarta, Indonesia

Landscape Architecture
Salad Dressing, Singapore

Mechanical & Electrical Engineer
Arup Singapore Pte Ltd

Quantity Surveyor
KPK Quantity Surveyors (1995) (S) Pte Ltd

Sustainable Design Consultant
Arup Singapore Pte Ltd

Project Manager
Project Systems International Ltd, Singapore

Lighting Consultant
Lighting Planners Associates (S) Pte Ltd, Singapore)

Sales Office


Talavera Office Park, 10th floor
Jalan TB Simatupang Kavling 22-26
Jakarta 12430, Indonesia


Tel +62 21 7592 4475 (Tiessa Audia)
Fax +62 21 7592 4476


The information contained in this brochure is subject to change as may be approved by the authorities and cannot form part of an offer or contract. All plans are subject to any amendments approved by the relevant authority. Floor areas are approximate and subject to final survey. Illustrations in this brochure are artist's impressions and serve only to give an approximate idea of the project. While every reasonable care has been taken in providing this information, its owners or agents cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracy.

Other Disclaimer Notes

  • Materials indicated are generally applied. Specifically detailed elements may have trims, edges, bulkheads and other such elements in compatible materials to suit design and functional requirements.

  • Off-form concrete surface is subject to imperfection in general, due to the nature of material and construction process. There will be tonality differences, honeycomb holes, uneven surfaces with rough edges which are done intentionally.

  • Stone is a natural material containing veins with tonality differences. There will be colour and markings caused by their complex mineral compositions and incorporated impurities. While such materials can be pre-selected before installation, this non-conformity cannot be totally avoided.

  • Similarly, terrazzo is made from natural stone chips and is prone to tonality differences.

  • Natural timber with various grains and tonality differences are inherent properties of this material. While timber will be pre-selected before installation, this non-conformity cannot be totally avoided. Due to exposure to weathering, natural discolouration or difference in tonality is unavoidable.Timber requires regular maintenance.

  • Glass is a manufactured material that is not 100% pure. Invisible nickel sulphide impurities may cause spontaneous glass breakage in certain pieces of heat-strengthened glass. It is not possible to detect this defect prior to the breakage, which may occur in all heat-strengthened glass by all manufacturers. The Purchaser is recommended to take up home insurance covering glass breakage to cover this possible event.

  • Layout/location of wardrobes, kitchen cabinets and fan coil units are subject to the Architect's sole discretion and final design.

  • The developer reserves the right to replace materials to a reasonable degree in order to comply with the EarthCheck certification standards.

  • Beachfront residences — the Purchaser is liable to pay annual fee, subscription fee and such other fees to the local cable TV & internet service providers or any other relevant authorities. The Vendor is not responsible for making arrangements with the local cable TV & internet service providers or any other relevant authorities for the service connection for cable TV subscription channels or for the service connection for internet access.